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Our trained arborist produces results when your trees are in trouble

There’s more to your trees, shrubs and lawn than meets the eye. Our expert arborists routinely find solutions to problems when others cannot. How? Arborists are trained to see subtleties in plants and trees that others might not see. As arborists, we understand the entire growing environment– we see the forest and the trees.

Don’t trust the beauty and health of your yard or business landscape to those less qualified. Let Utah Tree Doctor care for your trees and plants to make part of the world more beautiful!

Residential & Commercial Tree, Shrub and Plant Care Professionals

Utah Tree Doctor is a full-service tree and landscape maintenance company with a defined strategy for growth. We follow strict adherence to our green industry standards and uphold a culture of safety and respect.

Tree And Shrub Care
and Fertilization

Healthy, thriving trees and shrubs are no accident

Keeping plants healthy involves careful attention to their environment. Fertilization, proper pruning, and monitoring for insect and disease problems are areas where Utah Tree Doctor can help.
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Tree & Plant Disease
& Insect Control

We Take Care of Insects or Disease & underlying Issues

Insects and diseases on your trees is frequently the symptom of a larger problem making them vulnerable to attack. We treat the insect or disease while also addressing the underlying cause.
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Tree Cabling
and Bracing

Support for structurally weakened or damaged trees

Often, a tree’s natural growth will create a structure with weak branches or trunks that divide into multiple stems that are prone to splitting. This can result in the harm of a person or pet or cause expensive property damage. Trees such as this can often be saved by proper cabling and bracing.
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Tree Care

Good Tree Care Helps You Achieve a Plentiful Harvest

Fresh fruit tastes so much better than the fruit packed into cold storage and trucked from a distance. However, taking care of fruit trees is an art, and creating the perfect crop is a science.
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Utah Tree Doctor FAQs

An arborist is a certified and trained professional who specializes in improving and sustaining the health and appearance of individual trees and shrubs. An arborist understands and appreciates the value of trees and shrubs and is trained to inspect them effectively to identify causes of plant problems. An arborist is also a skilled technician who can plant trees and shrubs, treat to resolve or prevent damage, remove trees and shrubs and operate trade-specific equipment and tools.

The most competent arborists receive certification by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), an international professional organization that promotes the professional practice of arboriculture through research, technology, and education.

Using one company may be convenient, but often it is at the expense of quality, depth of knowledge, reliability and professionalism. The same reason for there being many specialists in medicine applies to choosing specialist in tree care. Knowing that everything that happens to a tree or shrub stays with that plant forever, an arborist will properly treat plants even when they are small or easily reachable from the ground.

Selecting a professional arborist trained to observe subtleties in growing trees and shrubs will ensure that they are nurtured in ways that landscapers are not prepared to do. Arborists understand a tree’s or shrub’s total growing environment.

Care based on growing environments keeps trees and shrubs healthy and reduces maintenance costs. Arborists also observe trees’ growing environments. A mature sugar maple in an open mulch bed may require very different care from a similar maple growing near a home or driveway. Care based on growing environments keeps both trees and homes looking beautiful.

Generally speaking, fall is the best time to plant a tree, with spring a close second. First, make sure you choose a tree that's adapted to your climate and the conditions in your yard. Utah Tree Doctor can assist you with the proper placement, planting and nutrition for you new trees and shrubs.

Pruning at the wrong time of year can reduce flowering. For example, pruning spring-blooming plants severely from fall to early spring will reduce bloom. Too much nitrogen fertilizer or a deficiency of other nutrients can also reduce bloom. A soil test could help you solve that problem. In addition, too much water or poor drainage can reduce bloom, as could freeze damage. If your trees are not producing the blooms or fruit you expect, Utah Tree Doctor can help.


Plant health care is the accumulation of services for evaluating, maintaining, identifying, and treating your trees and shrubs and their environment.

Susceptible trees and shrubs are vulnerable to attacks by pests. Some diseases can quickly and easily kill within a short period of time while others are chronic and long lasting. Some diseases cause no injuries at all. Our technicians are trained to identify signs of disease when evaluating your trees and shrubs and will provide solutions and treatment to ensure their long-term health.


Because of the endless number of potential diseases or insect issues that can affect trees and shrubs there is a continual need for plant healh care. Arborists can detect and address any such issues before they become a problem that can jeopardize your trees and shrubs.

Most of the products we apply adhere to the foliage surface or are absorbed into the foliage within the first hour after application. If it rains within this first hour we should re-apply so that we are certain the product is effective. If it has been an hour or more since the application, we do not need to re-apply. If ever in doubt, feel free to call us for clarification.

General signs of an unhealthy or dying tree include decreased or no leaf growth on all or part of the tree during growing season, missing or brittle bark, and fungal growth such as mushrooms on the trunk. Other signs of an unhealthy tree include dropping leaves, poorly-colored foliage, eaten leaves and cracked, split or oozing bark. However, these may also be signs of treatable conditions. A certified arborist can help determine your tree's health.

Tree pruning is extremely important to help a tree develop proper branch structure so that it is less likely to suffer damage or a failure in the future. Proper pruning can also help manage potential insect or disease issues.

It depends on what the pruning is to accomplish. Properly completed maintenance pruning, which comprises approximately 80% to 90% of the pruning necessary, can be completed at anytime of the year. It’s not so important when it’s completed, although it is critical that it be properly done. Poor pruning techniques, e.g. topping and over thinning, should never be completed regardless of the time of the year. All the remaining 10% to 20% of pruning that consists of shaping, flower and fruit production should be determined by our Arborist Representative to properly achieve the goals and outcome. With this type of pruning, timing and proper pruning procedures are most important.

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