customized fertilization programs to stimulate root growth and increase the beauty and longevity of your trees and shrubs

Helps your Utah plants and trees survive from poor planting, poor soil conditions, and recover from insect, disease and drought stresses. We feed your trees and shrubs to enhance their health. This service is ideally done in the Fall while a plants root system is storing reserves for bud production, however can also be arranged in the Spring depending on the condition of the target plants. This service provides for a faster green-up, better colour, increased root growth, more vigorous and healthy growth, more blooms, and increased insect and disease resistance.


Keeping plants healthy involves careful attention to their environment. Fertilization, proper pruning, and monitoring for insect and disease problems are key practices. Your most prized landscape and ornamental trees and plants require regular care in order to prevent threats such as insects and diseases that can cause irreparable damage.

Utah Tree Doctor will create a custom fertilization plan for your trees and shrubs to protect them and keep them healthy for years to come. This treatment is typically performed by spraying the parts of the tree where beneficial bacteria are introduced to the vascular system of the plant making them more readily available for absorption.

Fertilizer Tree Injection

For trees that are suffering from a severe lack of nutrients, fertilization by spraying may not be enough. Tree injection is a method of targeting a precise application of fertilizers into the xylem vascular tissue of a tree. The injected nutrients can more quickly correct for nutrient deficiencies and allow for quicker recovery by a suffering tree.


Many times the issues your trees and shrubs are facing start in the soil where they are planted. Soil Conditioning is the process of applying nutrients into the soil. Unlike fertilizing, changes to the density of the soil to hold more air and will allow the soil to hold more water and nutrients. Soil conditioning can also change the PH levels of the soil. Soil conditioning can be done by using clay soils, sandy soil, or organic material to help improve root growth, soil health, and plant health.

Different types of plants require a different ideal soil texture. Garden plants and flower beds require much more soil moisture than a pine tree or acorn tree. Utah Tree Doctor can assess and condition your soil so that water and nutrients are more available to your trees. We’re happy to assist you in creating the perfect soil type for your lawn, trees, and plants.


Eating fresh fruit from your yard’s trees is one of life’s great pleasures. It tastes so much better than the fruit packed into cold storage and trucked from a distance. However, taking care of fruit trees is an art, and create the perfect crop is a science. Your fruit trees need regular pruning and insect treatments that other trees do not. You need to eliminate pests while protecting pollinators. Your trees need the right nutritional balance for a plentiful yield. And the branches can’t be so full of fruit that none of the fruit can mature to an ideal size.

Utah Tree Doctor has the talent and expertise to help you on all aspects of fruit tree care. The thank you messages we receive often come months later after a tasty harvest!

Fruit Elimination

Certain treatments can help with the reductions of fruit or seed production coming from your trees. Ask us how.

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