Help for Your Well-Established Tree with a Hazardous Flaw

If you have a large, well-established tree with a hazardous flaw, such as a weak branch union or a co-dominant stem (a fork with a tight V angle), cabling and bracing may be necessary. Cabling and bracing can strengthen the structure of tree, prolong the life of trees weakened by storm damage or natural causes, and reduce the likelihood of damage to homes, cars and outdoor areas.


Ever wonder why trees split and fall apart? Often, a tree’s natural growth will create a structure with weak branches or trunks that divide into multiple stems that are prone to splitting. This can result in the harm of a person or pet or cause expensive property damage.

Trees in such a state can often be saved by proper cabling and bracing. Cabling and bracing applies artificial support to a structurally weakened or damaged tree. Properly installed cables can stabilize tree limbs and prevent them from splitting away by reducing stress at the tree’s weakest points. This is especially important for large trees located around houses, outbuildings, and other high-value “targets.”

The first step in protecting vulnerable trees is to schedule an appointment with Utah Tree Doctor‘s expert arborists, who will inspect your tree and determine the best course of action. Time makes a difference when it comes to a tree in distress. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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